Online shopping or shopping via the internet is now a new culture for most people. However, there are things that are very important in buying clothes via online, one of which is the problem of the materials used. Because clothes are not just about fashion, but also about comfort. Comfort is an important factor and cannot be used when buying clothes. Instead of a nice design with attractive colors, it is not used for materials that can cause problems, such as skin irritation or even wasted because it is uncomfortable when worn. There are several types of conventional fabrics or materials, which are called as follows:


Cotton is made from 100% natural cotton fiber, has a smooth texture, cool, and easy to choose sweat. These fabrics are most suitable for use in areas that have a tropical climate. There are several types of combing cotton spread in the market, namely 20s, 24s, and 30s, these types are usually based on the type of yarn that is also and the size of the gram (gr / m2). The lightest 20s combed fabric, medium 24s, and 30s are very thin. Combed fabric 20s are the most widely used and become the main distribution material because the price is affordable and comfortable to wear.

Polyester (similar to cotton)

Polyester can be as low quality cotton made from synthetic fibers or artificial fibers. However, these types are not as cold as cotton, usually harder or stiffer. Polyester is easy to wrinkle and easily fades for color compilation. The excess of this ingredient is more beneficial, but it cannot add sweat. It would be better not to wear clothes with these ingredients when it’s hot.

Fleece (like wool)

Feathers are almost like wool yarn, or commonly known as imitation wool. Introduction as clothing material on the inside to make it warmer, it is also more often used as material for making jackets, sweaters, or cloth pants. The breathability ability of fleece fabric is good enough for use at this time, which is a fabric that always feels light when used to sweat. Fleece is also able to evaporate sweat through the pores of the fabric quickly. This fabric is very suitable for use as a middle layer and its use can be adjusted by printing materials.


Spandex is a type of fabric made from polymers and made for rubber. Therefore this type of fabric has good elasticity like rubber. This material is relatively strong, very commonly used as clothing material and has pores that are able to absorb sweat. Be careful for women who wear the hijab to choose the type of clothing with the type of spandex fabric, because of the flexibility to remove clothes with spandex if you will wear a curvature.

TC (Teteron Cotton)

TC type fabric is a type of fabric made from a combination of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. TC is less able to choose sweat, so there is no need to wear clothes with TC cloth during hot temperatures. However, the amount of this material is not easily wrinkled and even long enough has been used.


In addition to TC, the type of fabric made from a combination of cotton and polyester is Drill cloth. This type of fabric is a cloth that is spun with a sloping or diagonal fiber and has a strong thread braid. This product is also used as a service for Civil Servants (PNS) and other office uniforms.


The type of fabric that is also made of cotton and polyester is hyget, but is slightly larger. This fabric is the cheapest fabric, has a glossy appearance, is slightly hot, but is not easily tangled. Forget about making mass shirts in elections.


Sifon is a type of fabric that is very light, lightweight, and transparent. Made from a blend of silk, cotton, nylon, nylon or rayon. This does not include sweat. It can be used for formal clothing and clothing. Not only for clothes, chiffon is also pronounced as curtains, curtains or bed canopies, and various types.


The type of fabric made from wood fiber. It has a slightly slippery, shiny, and falling texture. These types of materials are easy to use and easy, easy to use in various weather conditions. Then to make a shirt.


This method is commonly used for pants known as jeans, or normal for other clothing and clothing. Denim can also be called jeans made of cotton which will be a very sturdy fabric.


Knit fabric is made from the process of knitting threads into cloth and being a type of fabric that has a fairly high elasticity due to the loops on the fabric.